Learn Chemistry!

Posted 16th September 2014 by Mark Powell

The Royal Society of Chemistry has developed an on-line resource for chemistry education called Learn Chemistry. The site contains material for both teachers and students, and has content appropriate for primary, secondary, under-graduate and post-graduate students. There are many different types of resource, including presentations, videos, worksheets, quizes, experiments, games and podcasts, as well as links to other web sites. The periodic table is particularly impressive; click on an element to see associated information including physico-chemical data, uses, interesting facts, videos and history. There are also some pretty gruesome accounts of the effect of chemicals on the human body. For…

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RSC Analytical Division’s Analytical Methods Committee

Posted 28th August 2014 by Mark Powell

The Analytical Methods Committee (AMC) is the technical arm of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Analytical Division. The AMC’s Technical Briefs are a useful, practical source of information on statistical tools for analytical chemists, as well as providing guidance on specific analytical techniques. Recent topics include the use of non-parametric statistics, immunoassays and the characterisation of nanoparticles. The brief that I’ve referred to most frequently during training sessions for clients is headed: ‘Is my calibration linear?’ and was published in 2005. It warns against over-reliance on the correlation coefficient as a means of evaluating the linearity of detector response, and…

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Mark Powell Scientific to provide On-line Training in UV Spectroscopy

Posted 19th May 2014 by Mark Powell

Mark Powell Scientific has been chosen by SpecAcademy to deliver four 90 minute web-based training sessions in UV spectroscopy during June 2014.  The courses will run from 10.30 EDT to 12.00 EDT (15.30 to 17.00 in the UK) each Wednesday in June and will cover: Fundamentals/theory Instrumentation Qualitative & quantitative analysis Selected applications For further details and to sign up for the course, visit http://www.spectroscopyonline.com/training

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Importance of Good Sample Preparation

Posted 17th February 2014 by Mark Powell

Good sample preparation can make all the difference when it comes to the robustness and performance of an analytical method.  Sample preparation is typically employed to concentrate the species of interest prior to analysis or to remove unwanted matrix components.  A good sample preparation guide has recently been published by Agilent – seehttp://www.chem.agilent.com/Library/primers/Public/5991-3326EN_SPHB.pdf The importance of removing matrix interferences was illustrated recently by a paper in the journal ‘Analytical Methods’.  N-methylpyrrolidine (NMP) is a hydrolysis product of the antibiotic drug cefepime.  The official method for the assay of NMP in cefepime fails to separate the two prior to analysis, with…

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