Hands-on Courses in HPLC

Posted 29th January 2015 by Mark Powell

Mark Powell Scientific will be delivering a series of hands-on HPLC courses at Hichrom Limited, Reading during the period 14th to 17th April 2015.  Topics include an introduction to HPLC, maintenance and troubleshooting, and HPLC method development.  For further information, click on the link below. Mark Powell Scientific HPLC Courses

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Article by Mark Powell and Steve Lancaster in Chemistry World

Posted 25th November 2014 by Mark Powell

The RSC magazine Chemistry World recently published an article written jointly by Mark Powell and Steven Lancaster (Analytical Team Leader at Domino UK Limited). The article highlights problems that UK companies experience in recruiting skilled analytical chemists, despite high demand. The proportion of UK chemistry graduates finding jobs as analytical chemists is relatively large (around 22 %).

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Company’s Courses Recognised as Gold Standard

Posted 14th November 2014 by Mark Powell

Training courses delivered by Mark Powell Scientific are now recognised as Gold Standard by the National Skills Academy and are listed on the Cogent Skills Store web site. Courses include practical training in basic laboratory skills, chromatography and spectroscopy as well as technical report writing and pharmaceutical dissolution testing.  All the courses offered by the company are eligible for funding through the Science Industry Partnership’s Science Industry SME Framework for Growth Programme, a scheme that supports workforce development in science-based businesses with fewer than 250 employees. Up to 50 % funding is available for companies meeting the Framework for Growth…

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The Analytical Balance

Posted 14th October 2014 by Mark Powell

Most of us who work in laboratories use an analytical balance as part of our daily routine. In fact, it’s such a familiar object that we rarely give it much thought, unless there’s a problem with it. The UK's Laboratory of the Government Chemist has just released a video into the public domain covering the essentials of analytical balance use. The video was recorded to support training under the Valid Analytical Measurement (VAM) programme in 1999 and provides an authoritative guide on correct use of the balance. Which balance? For quantitative analytical work, it is generally acceptable to weigh to…

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