Basic Laboratory Skills courses


In addition to running the on-site training course in basic laboratory skills, Mark Powell Scientific is willing to licence companies to use its training materials and train staff to deliver the course.  The on-site course lasts two days and includes:

  • Measurement of mass
    • Types of balance
    • Calibration and daily checks
    • Selecting and using the balance
    • Choice of sample container
  • Measurement of volume
    • Glass pipettes, automatic pipettes and volumetric syringes
    • Volumetric flasks
    • Burettes
    • Calibration
  • pH measurement
    • Definition of pH
    • pH and temperature
    • pH in non-aqueous or partly-aqueous solutions
    • The pH electrode – use, care, calibration and maintenance
    • pH indicator papers
  • Practical sessions:
    • Practical sessions will be performed using a workbook to assess results against acceptance criteria.  Exercises will include:
      • Setting up and calibrating a balance
      • Making up a standard solution
      • Preparing a series of calibration standards
      • Calibrating automatic and glass pipettes
      • Performing a titration
      • Preparing a buffer solution using a pH meter